Yoga Asanas for 60 Minutes

This can be a checklist of asanas to carry out for a full 60 minute exercise. This primarily includes a heat up adopted by deep stretches and a few asanas.

1. Meditation: Sitting in a cross legged place, deeply inhale and exhale. Do that for five instances.

2. Neck Stretching / Greeva Sanchalana – Three to five instances

a. If one cannot sit in a cross-legged place, carry out this variation. Maintain your knees up and ankles crossed, elbow crease across the knee with interlocked fingers

b. Ahead and again

c. Facet to facet, enjoyable the ear to the shoulder

d. Neck circles, left and proper

3. Shoulder Socket Rotation / Skandha Chakra – Three to five instances


1. Could be carried out standing or seated.

2. Maintain out arms at shoulder degree.

3. Now transfer the shoulder blades in a circle, drawing them first ahead, then 5 instances backward. You could do that any variety of instances in the course of the day.

4. Proceed regular respiration all through.

5. A variation – Elbows contact in entrance

4. Cat – Cow / Marjariasana – Three to five instances in Desk Prime place

a. Arms beneath shoulders and knees beneath hips

b. Roll internal arms outward

c. Begin in a impartial place wanting on the flooring

d. Cat: Eye going through downwards

e. Cow: chin in direction of chest

f. Maintain pose and breathe for Three seconds

5. Sit again into Kid’s Pose / Balasana – Four to six breaths

a. Roll as much as sitting and convey chin up final to keep away from dizziness

6. Step to the highest of the mat for Three rounds of Surya Namaskar

7. Shavasana – 1 to 2 minutes

8. Step to the highest of the mat for Standing Ahead Bend – Padahastasana

a. Roll as much as standing with knees barely bent and convey chin up final to keep away from dizziness

9. Facet Stretch LR

10. Step proper foot again for Triangle Pose / Trikonasana

a. Look in direction of the raised hand or the ground

b. Simpler: Bend entrance leg, optionally place arm on thigh

11. Reverse Triangle Prep

12. Palm Tree Pose / Tadasana – Three instances

a. When heels are on the ground place fingers on head

b. When heels are off the ground elevate fingers into the air

c. Look ahead or up

13. Tree Pose / Vrikshasana LR – Four to six breaths

a. Arms in Pranamasana or above the pinnacle

14. Sit in a snug cross-leg place for Psychic Union Pose / Yoga Mudrasana – Four breaths

15. Butterfly Pose / Badhakonasana – Four to six breaths

a. First, flap your butterfly wings

b. Then, calm down and convey your brow to the ground

16. One-Legged Ahead Bend / Janu Sirshasana LR – Four to six breaths

17. Seated Ahead Bend / Paschimottanasana – Four to six breaths

a. Calm down the again

18. Tabletop Pose

a. Raise reverse arm and leg

19. Straightforward Cobra Pose / Saral Bhujangasana – 2 instances

a. Brow on the ground

b. Arms subsequent to go, fingertips according to crown

c. Legs collectively and relaxed

20. Half-Locust / Ardha Shalabasana – Three instances, Three seconds

21. Push again into Kid’s Pose / Balasana

22. Seated Spinal Twist / Ardha Matsyendrasana

a. Simpler Various

– Revolved Straightforward Pose / Parivrtta Sukhasana, cross-legs

– Half 1 of Spinal Twist Prostration Pose / Bhunamanasana

23. Single Leg Lifts / Padotthanasana –

a. Inhale – elevate / Exhale – decrease

b. Retain breath and maintain for Three to five seconds

24. Knee-to-Chest Pose / Supta Pawanmuktasana – Three instances

a. Exhale, elevate nostril to knee

25. Sleeping Belly Stretch Pose / Supta Udarakarshanasana – Three instances

a. Maintain Three seconds

27. Modified again bend

28. Shavasana

This can be a full 60 minute exercise for the physique. Be sure that to remain in Shavasana for five minutes on the finish in an effort to get your physique again to regular.

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