What’s Yoga Asana

No matter what explicit faculty or sort of yoga we follow, it’s unlikely that many people are actually training yoga. Quite we usually tend to give attention to only one of the eight limbs of yoga – yoga asana.

Yoga asana are the bodily positions and postures of yoga that began had been actually solely beginning to develop in significance with the event of Hatha Yoga. Whereas actual dates are usually not properly established, yoga has existed for lots longer than the follow of recent asana.

These asana have been developed over greater than 1500 years to advertise bodily well being as a part of a better Hatha yoga follow. Every asana is fastidiously designed to give attention to explicit areas of the physique. The particular results of an asana embrace:

  • Constructing energy in particular muscle teams
  • Stretching particular delicate tissues together with muscular tissues, ligament and tendons
  • Opening particular joints
  • Growing steadiness and focus
  • Massaging and stimulating inner organs

Individually these results can have vital advantages, however by combining particular person asana right into a fastidiously developed and balanced routine the Hatha yoga practitioner can develop their whole bodily physique, inner organ perform and psychological readability.

How do yoga asana work

Though yoga and asana are usually not thought-about to be scientific by western definitions, the follow of asana is taken into account by yoga masters to be very fastidiously developed and refined primarily based on a number of well-developed underlying rules and well being goals.


One of many key rules of asana is that of gravity. Asana use gravity in a wide range of methods, a very powerful being in growing energy. By resisting physique weight on arms or legs the asana can develop higher physique or leg energy and muscle tone in the identical means a weightlifter would in a health club. With yoga asana the burden being resisted varies solely with our personal physique weight, and every pose can solely apply the identical quantity of physique weight which means that every one muscular tissues are developed proportionately as long as every pose is held for an equal period of time. After we will simply maintain our physique weight in a selected pose, holding the pose for longer builds further energy and stamina.

Blood circulate and vitamins

Blood circulate to particular areas of the physique brings many well being advantages. By working particular muscular tissues, delicate tissue and joints, the physique brings further blood circulate offering the wanted oxygen. This extra blood additionally brings wanted vitamin to these areas, which is important for basic well being in addition to the speedy restoration from damage and harm. The important thing strategy to carry blood to those areas is thru stretching. Along with the elevated blood circulate, stretching loosens and relaxes delicate tissue similar to muscular tissues, ligaments and tendons and opens joints, all of which helps to alleviate rigidity and stress on nerves in these areas.

Deep respiratory

Throughout the follow of asana, we’re inspired to regulate our breath with lengthy deep inhalations and exhalations. In some poses it’s even inspired to nonetheless the breath with the lungs full or the lungs empty for intervals of 20 seconds to 1 minute. The primary advantage of this managed respiratory is to carry our focus and consciousness to the current, to our present actions. By with the ability to management this focus, we will enhance our focus. Secondly by respiratory on this managed means, we enhance the effectivity of our respiratory system, bringing extra oxygen to the physique and to the organs, muscular tissues and delicate tissue being labored on.

Central nervous system and inner organs

Though yoga texts do not have a tendency to explain yoga within the phrases utilized by trendy medication, most of the ideas are analogous to medical constructions. With nerves represented as Nadis or vitality channels and the Chakras representing key glands. The aim of asana is to rejuvenate the entire physique by conditioning these particular person programs to verify they’re working optimally.

One of many key focuses of asana is in on the central nervous system, which includes the backbone and mind. In yoga this might be known as the Nadis and crown Chakra. The Central Nervous System is without doubt one of the most important constructions within the human physique, controlling all motion and thought and passing the management alerts to all of the nerves all through the physique. Clearly if the perform of this core management channel is impeded, it may impact the perform of the entire physique. One of many plainest examples of that is by way of again ache and sciatica. By way of the misalignment of, or harm to, the spinal disks or vertebrae that defend the spinal twine and root nerves, those self same nerves may be pinched or irritated which might result in intense ache and numbness within the again, in addition to referred ache and numbness within the legs or ft. Whereas the causes of harm to the backbone may be many and assorted, poor posture is a key reason behind again ache. Asana for the backbone assist to carry the fluids that comprise the nutrient required to restore the broken delicate tissues and may b efficient in therapeutic again issues. Nonetheless these asana are usually not all the time enough since poor posture and again ache can be trigger by different components similar to tight hamstring muscular tissues at the back of the legs or gluteus and piriformis muscle teams within the buttocks. Due to this fact a holistic method is required to appropriate the again damage.

Different key programs that asana are designed to deal with is the glandular and lymphatic programs, significantly the endocrine system. The endocrine glands, which embrace the thymus, thyroid, pituitary pineal, hypothalamus, adrenal and intercourse glands launch their secretions straight into the blood stream. The secretions made by these glands have an enormously profound impact on the physique’s well being perform controlling every part from top and weight to metabolism and feelings. Asana are designed to stimulate these glands in a wide range of methods from growing blood circulate to these within the mind (hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal) or thyroid within the neck to softly therapeutic massage and stimulate by way of bends and twists of the stomach.

The following key programs that asana stimulate are the inner organs and digestive programs. Each of those programs are important to taking in vitamin and expelling waste and toxins from the physique, and are significantly necessary for good well being. Asana enhance the functioning of those programs by way of stimulation and mild therapeutic massage supplied by belly bends and twist in addition to motion of the hips and legs.

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