Elite Restaurant at Hotel Mount Heera, Chennai

Our delightful restaurant comes with a wide variety of international cuisines that’s appetizing to the eye and sensual to your taste buds, our quality chefs well experienced in the exquisites’ of cooking are well versed in the art of tantalizing the mind through their dishes.

But what’s truly amazing is the fact that it’s never too late for a full hearty meal or a delicious snack- because we run our kitchens 24/7, just to satisfy your culinary desires. 

Enjoy Indian dishes, multi-cuisine buffets or a good old cup of coffee at Elite Restaurant. Lesser in price, more in quantity is what we preach.
Hotel Mount Heera, Chennai Chennai Restaurant Hotel Mount Heera Chennai

Some of Our Signature Dishes

Mount Heera Special Biryani

A regal dish, Mount Heera Special Biryani is a perfect blend of flavours.

Barbecue chicken

Appetizers can spark up any event. Why not try BBQ chicken and taste heaven on earth.

Chief special Salad

A favourite American side dish with overwhelming popularity across the globe.

Tandoori Murgh Masala

Originating in the Punjab region of India, tandoori murgh is a special chicken dish marinated in yogurt.

Paneer Akbari

Delve into the magical world of royal nawabi cuisine by taking the rich and delicious akbari paneer.

Rashmi Kabab

Reshmi Kebab is a Muglai recipe in which prawns or scallops can also be used instead of chicken.

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